London, the Georgian Townhouse

Interior design

Hi guys! It’s been quite a long time. Hope everything works out for you:)!

For a quick update, I have moved to London recently (after 9 years of Parisian life), and I am in plenty of discovery of this amazing city.

Well, in order to discover a city, I always begin with the architecture. Like Paris has its Haussmannien( you can see my article about the Haussmannien flat here ), London has its Victorian and Georgian housing.

We live in Islington, a beautiful London borough surrounded by Georgian style houses. That’s why I’m going to talk about this style today, because it attracted me since my first day here and it’s continuing to impress me…

In Islington, most streets are decorated by Georgian houses, often with big trees and flowers in front of them, which makes them more mysterious and more cosy.

Islington, Georgian house, street view

Typical street with Georgian house in Islington. Source:


The most thing that I like in a Georgian house is its timber framed window. It reflects the history with a touch of industry feeling, it brings plenty of light into the house with its big size. The view trough these framed windows seems so different, trust me.

Georgian style flat, london, window

A Georgian Townhouse in Islington.  Source:


Like many other historical architecture, The Georgian Townhouse always has a fireplace, and it’s a little bit different from the ones in the Haussmannien flat in France.

deco, Georgian townhouse, Islington, London

A Georgian Townhouse in Islington.  Source:

London, House, fireplace

A house in Spitalfields. Source:


I quite like the bathroom of a Georgian Townhouse, since they often have this big sach window too.

Georgian townhouse, bathroom, retro, home decor

A Georgian Townhouse with Retro style. Source:


Finally, I’ll show you guys what my dream house would be:

Georgian style house

My dream Georgian Townhouse. Source:

Hidden behind the roses, far away from the crowd, though in the center of London….

Have a good night!




I want a Bertoia Chair!

Interior design

Hello guys! Long time no see! I have lately been SO busy with my new job, new apartment… ANY WAY, since now I’m well settled with my boyfriend in our brandy new sweet home, the decoration part begins….again!

Well, the first thing I want for my new home is A BERTOIA CHAIR.


Bertoia Diamond Chair —  source:


Yes yes! This is the one of the MOST FAMOUS creation of the Italian-born American designer Harry Bertoia —- THE DIAMOND CHAIR. Designed for knoll, I have to quote Bertoia’s own words to describe these chairs: “If you look at these chairs, they are mainly made of air, like sculpture. Space passes right through them.” (source: wikipedia).  I am enchanted for this concept, how can an artist can marry the sculpture and the furniture in a so harmonious way ?!

As these chairs are “mainly made of air”, they can go easily with most of the interior decoration. No color offense, no much place taken, modern and elegant.


Another famous wire piece of Harry Bertoia (always designed for Knoll) that I want SO BADLY is the Bertoia SIDE CHAIR.


Less cosy, more “formal”, the Bertoia Side Chair is a perfect choice for office, or dinning room, or in the garden, or just an decoration in the corner….


In a word, I WANT A BERTOIA CHAIR. And you guys? what do you think?