I can’t hide my passion these days for the overalls.  And obviously, this look  that I put on everyday when I was a little girl has made its come back since several years.

And when I see the old picture, I see this:

the overalls in the 20th, a real tenue for work, for both men and women,  with the loose and straight form and a simple washed denim.


Année 20


And I see the revolution in a way of fashion, in the 1940th:


And in the 1970th: we add some glamour touch

King's Road Assistant

And in the 90th:

90enhanced-buzz-22460-1382472986-2290 FRIENDS

And in the 2010th!

Olivia-Palermo_exact780x1040_p Sarah Jessica Parker walking her kids to school in NYC

We can make it slim, straight, flare, destroy, trash, chic, college, patch work, in denim, in leather, even in printed cotton!

Guy Laroche SS15

Guy Laroche SS15

Leonard SS15

Leonard SS15

10004576C060_92_G balmain SS14   Blog7


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