Scandinavian Pattern

Interior design

Today I will talk about the Scandinavian pattern.

I’m a huge fan of the Scandinavian style (just like many others), and there’s so many things to talk about.  For beginning, let’s have a look about these wonderful patterns used for the home decoration!

In the beginning,these patterns are mainly used on the fabric, for the cushion, the sheets, the carpet etc.


Scandinavian printed fabric:

I have to say that these colorful things can really add a touch of happiness in your place.

ferm living

photo: Ferme living

And now, these Scandinavian patterns aren’t limited on the fabrics anymore, they exist also on a paper wall, on a vase, on a bowl or anything else you can imagine!



Finally, two lovely pictures from my sweet home 🙂

unnamed (5)

Canapé: Habitat. Coussin: Madura. Tapis: Urban Outfitters. Table basse: Sentou

unnamed (6)

Voila voila. Have you already got a little dizzy with these graphic and colorful patterns? Hope you have enjoyed yourself.

Have a nice day and see you!


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