Chinese fashion VS French style

As a Chinese girl who lives in France since seven years, it’s quite natural that I notice the differences between the way which Chinese people dress and that of the French people. It’s really interesting and amusing to see these different styles and I’d like to share with you some of my main remarks.
I: Down jacket VS Coat:

We Chinese people LOVE the down jacket( in french: doudoune, and I find this word so cute!). It’s warm, it’s comfortable, it’s light, it can be very colorful with the easy-dye property of the nylon (main fabric of the down jacket) and we love being dressed colorfully. That’s why the brand Moncler can be so famous in China and in all Asia!




While the French people prefer the coat, who are mostly made of wool. it’s formal, qualitative, and most important, it’s CHIC. It can be straight, round, flared, and it can give your body a beautiful shape. Since the weather in France is relatively cool and windy(specially in the north),  the coat can be French people’s “garde-robe” from September to April!


PAris fashionweek fw 2014, day 4


II: Basket VS Leather flats

When I was in China, I was always wearing my Adidas, Nike or Converse. And it’s the same for most of the young Chinese “fashionistas”. The basket can be with a jean, a short or a dress and we wear it for school, for party or for dinner.  In one word, the basket can match anything!




While French people prefer the leather flats. Ok ok,  I know that the basket has become a trend since recently in France (with Stan Smith or New Balance!), but I’m talking about the traditional french-style ballerina or moccasin in leather, elegant and fine.




III: Printed dress VS Black dress (petite robe noire)

We Chinese girls love the floral printed dress. It’s cute,  it’s colorful, and it’s ultra feminine.




While the french girls prefer their little black dress(in French: petite robe noire), a famous style invented by Coco Chanel, and developed by many other grand designers. It’s discrete, it’s elegant, it can be both formal and sexy!




Of course there are other differences between Chinese and French style. But with the globalization of fashion industry, the style is more and more mixed and we probably lost little by little our identity. So what do you prefer?  getting lost in the global trend or keeping your identity?!


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