FLARE jeans–Like the good old times

Everyone talks about the Flare jeans this season and I’m going to talk about the Flare today, how this Hippie style trousers of 1970th can be back to the 2015’s trends so easily and so strongly?

It all began in the 19th century, when the US Navy decided to make a standardized uniform with a blue wide trousers ending in bell-shaped cuffs, perhaps in order to roll up the trouser leg easily, allowing the sailor to work bare foot.



But it was not before the mid 1960th that this Flare form trousers entered into the Fashion world, officially.

In the 1990th, the Flare cut trousers continued to dominate the Fashion industry, (with a slight change such as having a wider leg ) until it was slowly taken place by the Slim fit jeans, from the beginning of 21st century.


tutusandtinyhats.wordpress.com – Magazine of 1990th

The Slim fit jeans began to rise in popularity in the late 90th.


vogue.fr- Versace Jeans Couture campaign in 1995 with Claudia Schiffer and Nadja Auerman

This season(even since the last season), the Flare jean has made its glorious comeback! From the fashion shows of the most prestigious designers, to the street looks of the stars and the fashionistas, with the upper thighs much more tight and often a pleat in the middle of the front leg, here comes the 2015’s version of the Flare!


bloglovin.com – Olivia Palermo at the Paris fashion week AW15



Perhaps you will say: Ok the flare is cool, but it doesn’t fit everybody,because everyone doesn’t happen to have a top model’s body! 😦   DON’T worry about it, here are some advice for you to wear the flare elegantly. 🙂

IF you are small and thin (like my case…),  I recommend the tight high waist Flare jeans so that your legs appear as long as you wish…

You can get a similar jean at River Island for only 55 euros or at Mytheresa for around 250 euros( for brands as Frame or J Brand), of course there are many other shops.

Other advice, you can choose a 7/8 Flare jean so that you can even not to wear heels!


graziadaily.co.uk-Alexa Chung

Get the same Flare jean of Alexa Chung’s at Neiman Marcus–brand: Alexa Chung for AG.

Get a very nice similar product at ASOS for only 52.99 euros.

And IF you are not thin enough, the Flare jeans can also be a good choice. Choose the one with big legs and walk down to the street with grace!



You can find a very nice similar Flare jean brut at Merci for 120 euros or at Pimkie for only 39,90 euros!

Does this article reminds your childhood, when everyone was wearing a Flare jean with fat legs?  Anyway, it’s my case and I’m glad to see the fashion circle turning back. LET’S go and wear the FLARE this season, like the good old times.


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