Dress code of this Winter: CASUAL CHIC

Whether you have noticed or not, this winter, you can find this kind of look in every corner of every fashion city: a long chic coat + a casual white basket. YES, this is the famous CASUAL CHIC look who becomes an inescapable event of this coming winter.

A long loose coat + a basic trousers + a simple basket (Stan Smith or others) is the most classical look of this style. With this outfit, you can wear anything inside (or nothing inside if you prefer:) ). And don’t worry if you are not tall enough, see how the fashion blogger Miroslava Duma wears this style…(She is 155cm tall!)


blog.telegraph.co.uk – Miroslava Duma at London Fashion Week SS16

This look seems so comfortable that you won’t want to replace it ever after. Say goodbye to high heels, to sexy dresses or to tight pants, and embrace this cool and elegant outfit.

Some other ideas for wearing this Casual-Chic style:

A long jersey dress or a sportive skirt:

A cool jacket combining with a pant-skirt or a skinny jean :

A oversize pullover with a simple slim-fit jean:

Why not wearing a formal suit in this way?!

Where to buy the essential pieces for this style?

White sneakers:

Of course the first image comes across your mind is a Stan Smith or a Superstar from Adidas. For me, these shoes are the origin of the the Casual-Chic style! See my article about Stan Smith here.


http://lesmondaines.com –  Left: Adidas Superstar 90€. Right: Adidas Stan Smith  85€

A part from Adidas, there are many other choices for the cute white sneakers:





A lot of designers’ brands have also their versions of white sneakers, like Isabel Marant or Kitsuné.

Oversize Coat:

I highly recommend the Swedish brand COS for this kind of pieces. They have a large range of oversize coats with a minimalist design.

My favorite online shop ASOS has also a well selection of long coat for this winter.

Other selections are maybe less affordable, like Acne Studio, Carven.

Well, have I persuaded you to try on this style ? Or maybe you already did. Have a nice Winter with this new Dress code! 🙂


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