Let it be GREEN

Interior design
It has been quite a long time that I didn’t talk about the interior design ( with the Fashion Week SS16 I didn’t really have time for interior…) Today I’ll talk about how to decorate your sweet home with the green plant. Trust me, even if you are not a fan of plant (like me), it worth trying.

The most traditional and safest way is to put some beautiful plants in a corner of your living room or of your bedroom, without being much visible, and you can take it away anytime if it bothers you.

If you prefer more intensity of green, you can decorate a whole corner with several plants who overlay one after another.

I specially appreciate the idea of plant decor in the kitchen. These living plants will make the little place so alive and so charming!

You can even add some green details in your bathroom. Assorted with the background of white or light gray, these decors make an atmosphere of nature and purity.

Here are some more atypical ways for the plant decor, such as using the plant for wall decoration, pending the plant pot etc, who becomes very trendy these days.

At Urban Outfitters, I found some very nice geometric-form terrariums in copper, who can be an excellent idea for inside plant decoration. See here my article about home decor in Copper.


http://www.urbanoutfitters.com– Left: Terrarium planter in Copper — 81€. Right: mini pyramid Terrarium in Copper

At Esty, there are also some interesting decorations of inside plant.  For example, this hand-made terrarium combining with wood and copper in the form of lamps.

Well, will you invite the plant inside your house this winter?


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