When your Kitchen meet the Vintage style…

Interior design
As you know, I’m a big fan of the Vintage style, especially for the vintage furniture of the 50s/60s /70s. Since my kitchen is a typical “old-fashion”one with a 1950s Parisian style, I’d like to talk about this kind of decor today. Even if your kitchen is more of a modern design, you can transfer it into the vintage style with some “make-up”.

Use the Copper: This material will give your kitchen immediately a vintage look . Copper pan, Copper lamp…Just like the good old time!

Make a colorful kitchen: pink, light green, blue or yellow,  these vintage colors will give your kitchen a nice make-up of 1950s.

Buy some retro-styling objects to mix with the modern design of your kitchen. The most famous brand for this kind of things should be Smeg,  who offers a large range of 50s’ style appliances such as refrigerator, toaster and so on.

Use retro-pattern tiles: On the floor or on the wall, these “Grandma’s” patterns will certainly give your kitchen a special charm of vintage-spirit.

Well, if you happen to love the vintage style like I do, or if you are tired of the actual decoration of your kitchen, maybe it’s time to come back to the 1950s!


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