How to wear a 2015’s Vintage look ?

As you all know, I’m a big fan of Vintage stuff, both in clothes and in interior decoration. When I say “dress in Vintage style”, of course I don’t mean to dress ALL in vintage. there’s no meaning to repeat Audrey Hepburn or Jane Birkin‘s style in 2015. In our days, you only need one or two Key pieces to honor the old time.

First piece to recommend, and which is on my next shopping list, is a oversized denim jacket.

Usually with a used wash to give a look more “old days”, it can be matched with a T-shirt, a skirt, a slim jean or anything. You can even add some accessories such as a pair of round-form sunglasses to highlight this whole look. See my article about Round-form Sunglasses here.


Why not with a exaggerate print or embroidery just for FUN?


Don’t you dare a destroyed one to become totally “Rock & Roll”!


I found in ASOS a nice Vintage style denim jacket perfectly for this winter for only 66,99€!

optimisation-image-wordpress-google-asos-com – denim jacket with fake fur- 66,99€


Another denim jacket with a beautiful exotic embroidery found at Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, it’s already sold out by now. 😦   Hope it will be re-assorted soon 🙂


Next thing I’ll recommend is of course, a warm colorful pullover.

You can find this kind of pullover in almost every vintage shop. The style and the pattern are almost the same at first sight, but when you look closely, there are never two different pullovers with exactly the same pattern.


A nice vintage style pullover found on for 157,79€. Love the whole look with a high waist denim short. Totally 1990s.

optimisation-image-wordpress-google-nastygal-com vintage style: 157,79€


A London based fashion blogger stylonylon with her Retro-style Christmas pullover. By the way, I really like the ambiance of her blog.


Some more ideas of the vintage pullover here below:)


Really appreciate the following photograph, a mix of nostalgia and poesy, a sadness from nowhere…


Apart from the various vintage shops in every fashion city, you can also find some nice similar product on line, for example, the Brooklyn based website Esty propose a large range of vintage stuff of clothes, accessories and furniture.


The next piece that I would recommend is a huge vintage coat.

They are often made of animal’s fur or leather, who can keep you warm even in a extremely cold winter.

PS: if you can, buy a SYNTHETIC fur coat instead of a real ANIMAL’S.


This winter, the material Suede has made its glamorous comeback. But don’t forget, this material has already had its golden age in the 60s/70s!

Hippie, Bohemia… Let’s see how today’s fashionistas interpreter these styles.


I found the picture below from a very stylish blog/e-shop They All Hate Us founded by two fashionistas ( and two good friends) in Australia. Believe me, there are a lot of interesting selection of clothing on their website.


A long coat in Suede + round sunglasses. Love this look!


Yes Yes, this is the Suede coat of 2015’s version !


Finally, an idea of what should be in your closet for the vintage style:)


Here’s the picture of myself in a total vintage look photographed by Sébastien Tabarin.  (Yes it’s the cover picture of my blog!)


I’m wearing: Jacket: Vintage piece.    T-Shirt: Zara.     Leather short:Vintage piece.


Hope you guys enjoy this article. Have a nice week!







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