Something you should know about Vietnam…

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Just coming back from a long journey in Vietnam, I can’t get off the wonderful image of this amazing country from my mind and I have to talk about this country even if it’s not really the topic of my blog.
Well, I’m not gonna talk about my trip details because that would take 10 pages. I would only resume some of the most impressive spots of Vietnam,  which makes it a charming place.

The first thing is, the Motorbike.

THAT is one thing that you can’t possibly miss once you get out of the airport. Almost every Vietnamese people have a motorbike and it’s definitely the most import way of transport in Vietnam.

Yes Yes, that is what looks like in every big city of Vietnam.

It seems almost impossible to cross the street, but don’t worry, they can always find a subtle way to avoid you even in a hell of traffic.


The second thing is: the Market.

This is (for me), one of the most beautiful scene in Vietnam. Asian people love the foods, so do the Vietnamese people. You can find in every city (big or small) a Market place for every kind of vegetables, meat, living fish,  tropical fruits ( I ate there as much fruit as I ate in France in a whole year !). The superposition of goods, the combination of different colors, the smell and the noise of the Market… Every single element compose together a wonderful life symphony.


The third thing is: the Conical hat ( NON LA in Vietnamese) .

As you may have noticed in the last picture, the Vietnamese (mostly the women) wear conical hats. This traditional hat made of palm leaves, bark of Moc tree or bamboo has almost become the symbol of Vietnam. Since Vietnam has only two seasons in a year :dry season and wet season, this hat can be used both for protection of son and protection of rain!


The next thing is: the Vietnamese Coffee.

Very influenced by the western culture (with the French colonization), The Vietnamese love the coffee. However, there are 3 specialties of the Vietnamese coffee comparing to that of the western countries:

Firstly: they use Robusta coffee beans instead of Arabica beans, which makes the coffee taste differently.  In fact, Vietnam is now the world’s largest exporter of Robusta coffee.

Secondly, the Vietnamese have their own system of making coffee( introduced by the French). They use a special coffee filter set(cà phê phin in Vietnamese) to extract the coffee. Here are some images below showing how it works:

Thirdly, they often put ice into the coffee(because of the hot weather!), which becomes the famous Vietnamese iced coffee ( Ca phe da in Vietnamese). The iced coffee is a mix of ice, coffee and sweetened condensed milk, in order to soften the taste of black coffee which is often too intense.

The recipe is quite simple, you just need to put the condensed milk in the bottom of a coffee cup and then let the coffee drips slowly from the filter set into the cup. When it is done, add the ice.


Well, the last thing is: of course, the Vietnamese food.

Yes yes, I know the first image jumping into your mind will be the famous Phở!  This traditional noodle soup originated in northern Vietnam, consisting of rice noodle, meat(primarily with beef or chicken) and a few herbs has almost become the symbol of the Vietnamese food. I tried to taste every Phở in every corner of Vietnam, and I can insure you that you will never find two Phở of exactly the same taste in two different restaurants. Each restaurant of Phở has his own recipe even if the principle is the same. That’s why the Vietnamese people can have Phở from morning to evening and never be bored!


Apart from Phở, the Vietnam is also famous for his spring rolls (Nem rán or Chả giò  in Vietnamese). Instead of being served as an appetizer as in Europe and North-America, the Vietnamese usually have it as the main dish. The ingredients differ from north to south: pork, chicken, crab, shrimp or tofu, often mixed with vegetables such as carrots or jicama.

They also have the non-fried version of Spring Rolls, and you should make this roll on your own when the plat is served:). Take a rice paper, put a brochette of meet in the middle, put a tiny fried spring rolls at side, add some salades and make a roll!

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-vietnam-spring roll


The last food I would recommend is the Vietnamese sandwich (Bánh mì Sandwich in Vietnamese)

The Vietnamese sandwich is a beautiful mariage of French and Vietnamese food, combining ingredients from the French (baguette, mayonnaise etc) with native Vietnamese ingredients, such as coriander, cucumber,carrots and daikon. We can add any kind of meat in the sandwich but the most classic version is to put various Vietnamese cold cuts, such as sliced pork or pork bellies,chả lụa (pork sausage), and head cheese.

 you can find the Vietnamese Sandwich in almost every street of every city, the price? Less than 1 euro!


Before ending my article, I just want to show you guys some of the peaceful landscape of Vietnam. The floating houses on the Mekong river, the fishing boats, the rice fields, people sitting along the river and talking for all days… Here life are simple and people are happy. I really like Vietnam.


A fishing man by the lake of Da lat

optimisation-image-wordpress-google-pinterest-com – Floating house on the Mekong river


along the river in Hoi An


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