When you live in a Parisian apartment…

Interior design
 I love Paris. And one of the reasons that I love Paris is that I love the Parisian style apartment. More specifically, the “Haussmannian” style apartment.
The fireplace, the parquet,  the big window, the moulding… These are the principal events who contribute to the Inside of a Haussmannian style apartment.


I: the Fireplace

Every typical Parisian apartment has a fireplace, often made of marble. Even if now it’s forbidden to use the fireplace inside the city, but this corner can always be the center of your home decoration,


http://www.thesocialitefamily.com – at Morgane Sézalory’s apartment ( the founder of the site Sézane.com )


http://www.marieclairemaison.com – Jean-Christophe Aumas’s 1950s style apartment in the Paris 10


II: the Big Window

The Haussmannian apartment has a big and high window, which allows the light to enter the room as much as possible.

I love so much to look into the big window of a Haussmannian building when I walk in the street of Paris, just curious to see what’s inside the window.

Are you thinking about the movie “Rear Window” at this moment?…

It’s a pretty good idea to put your office between the two high windows, so that you can enjoy the sunlight as well as the view while you’re working.

PS: Love this Harry Bertoia chair.


III: the Balcony

Not every Parisian apartment has a balcony. On the contrary, it’s almost a luxury to have a balcony in a Haussmannian style apartment. In fact, in a classic Haussemanian building, there are only the second and the fifth floor who have a balcony.

The second floor is named “noble” floor with a balcony and the window frames more decorative.Because at that time, there was no civil elevator yet and this was to avoid the richest person to climb too many stairs for a everyday’s life…

The fifth floor has a long balcony. This floor has nothing to do with the “noble” thing, the balcony is only a question of estheticism of the facade (in order to make a balance with the balcony of the second floor).

As for the third and fourth floor, these are the classic floors without balcony at the beginning. But the balcony appeared in the late Haussmannian style thanks to the new rules.

When spring’s coming, the Parisian balconies are bathed with flowers. How wonderful the life it is!


IV: the interior decor of a Parisian apartment…

Parisian people love to live in a typical Haussmannian style apartment even it’s less functional than the modern one. For me, there is no raison to live in Paris if you are not in a Haussmannian place! Yes yes, I know it’s a little bit radical… Anyway, how to modernize this 19th century apartment is a big question for all who want to live there. Personally, I recommend 3 styles of interior design for a Haussmannian style apartment.

— Associate with the Scandinavian / 50s style.

THAT is my favorite style. The Scandinavian way is simple and functional, which often uses the natural materials that matches these of a Haussmannian style.

You may keep everything in the original way (the white wall, the woolden parquet…) and add some Scandinavian and vintage design objects.


http://charlottevauvillier.fr/ – An apartment in Paris 3

Or you may use some Scandinavian pattern to make your place more alive. See my article about Scandinavian pattern here.

If you prefer to have a total Scandinavian and modern house, you can change the old traditional wooden parquet to the white one, as well as the traditional fireplace to the ultra-futurist one.


http://www.cotemaison.fr/ – An apartment in Saint-Germain-des-prés of Paris


— Create a minimalist and contemporary style.

Using only black and white color, putting as few as possible of the objets in the apartment in order to leave as much as possible of the space……


https://www.yatzer.com -the apartment of  the duo architects Patrick Gilles & Dorothée Boissier  in Paris 8


http://frenchyfancy.com/– A Haussmannian apartment by l’architect Nicolas Schuybroek


http://frenchyfancy.com/ –An black and white apartment full of contemporary art collection


http://www.remodelista.com–the apartment in Paris 8 of Stéphanie Ross, fonder of the children’s brand Les Petits Carreaux


https://blog.thedpages.com/–An haussmannian apartment by Double G


— Relook with the Industrial style.

Using the metal, the raw material, to rock the traditional Haussmannian style into a whole industrial loft.


http://www.thisisglamorous.com/–The architect Joseph Dirant’s apartment in Paris 7


http://royalroulotte.com-An apartment in Paris 11 by Royal Roulotte decoration office


http://www.milkdecoration.com-the apartment in Paris 10 of Constance Gennary, the fonder of the website The Socialite Family


http://www.admagazine.fr/Karl Lagerfeld‘s apartment in Paris 11

Well, that’s all I would like to say about Parisian style apartment for now. Which style do you prefer if you live in a Haussmannian apartment?  Have you already felt in love with it as I do?






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