The timeless White Shirt

Hello guys, sorry to have been lazy these days, I’m so busy with my new job and not much time to update my blog… Anyway, as Spring is (finally) coming softly, the pullover has been removed and the shirts begin to reappear. The white shirts, the forever classic piece is what I’m gonna talk about today.

The reason for what I’m falling in love (again) with the white shirt is that I recently bought a new white oversize-cut shirt from COS, (as you may know, COS is really famous for its numerous style of shirts, specially the white shirts). And I begin to think, there are maybe not many pieces who can be timeless: the jeans, the black dress, and the white shirt.

The white shirt is simple and pure, with a pure spirit of minimalism. it seems nothing else would be needed to decorate this piece. The white shirt can be simply with a jean, a skirt, or…nothing else!

My favorite style is the over-sized, unisex cut white shirt. (you know me, I’m a so over-size fan!)

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-vogue-com– Celine Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear


I always prefer the white shirt in pur coton, as the character of this material can easily adapt the different cuts and can give different aspects when wore by different person.

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-style-com3 Spring Summer 2011 RTW

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-glamourmagazine-co-uk Deyn in a white shirt


Maybe the over-sized white shirt is less formal than a fitted one, but there won’t be any problem to wear it at work if you are wearing it right.


Time for shopping! First of all, let me show you guys the famous shirt that I bought from COS.

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-cosstore-fr – Oversized v-neck shirt-59€


Or another one, more classical, still from COS, a simple unisex/over-sized shirts.

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-cosstore-com-fr– Clean-edge shirt-69€


Nowadays, the white shirt seems to become longer and longer, so that it turns into a shirt-dress.

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-thekidsalooker-tumblr-com McCartney SS13

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-style-com1 Kayne Resort 2016


I found a lovely shirt-dress in COS(always), it’s definitely on my next shopping list!

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-cosstore-com-fr2 shirt dress: 89€


Another shirt-dress that I found in ASOS is also very nice for summer time.

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-asos-com– long white shirt-dress- 39,44€


Well, perhaps you aren’t an “over-sized” person and you prefer the more traditional “old school” one. No problem, you can pick this kind of style and still make yourself a fashionable girl!

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-style-com4 1961 Resaort 2016


Button up to neck, well fitted to your body, we forget about the rebellion and we become a wise preppy girl.

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-pinterest-com Palermo in white shirt


Please feel free to add some touch of “glamour”!


Here’s a nice simple white shirt found at ASOS.

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-asos-fr shirt- 19.90€


Another pretty white shirt found at A.P.C.

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-apc-fr shirt Mademoiselle- 130€

PS: A.P.C is one of my favorite Parisian brand. Created in 1987 by Jean Touitou -a Tunisian-French designer, it has a spirit of purity and minimalism, a total “BCBG“(=Bon chic bon genre ,French for good style, good class )Parisian style.


Finally, speak of white shirt, we can’t possibly miss the French luxury brand – Anne Fontaine, who is famous for her classic white shirt.

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-anne-fontaine-com shirt “Sagane”-295$


Anne Fontaine makes White shirt an art,a piece full of creation and imagination. Every details matters and the inspiration is everywhere. Anyway, you can find here the most classic white shirts to the most extravagant ones.

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-anne-fontaine-com1– white shirt with embroidered  braid detail – 390$

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-cuillere-a-absinthe-fr– white shirt Anne-Fontaine

1280px-optimisation-image-wordpress-google-adenorah-com shirt Anne-Fontaine


Well, I hope this article gives you guys some motivation to buy another white shirt:). As for me, it’s a white shirt day for tomorrow!





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